How can I activate it?

Before using the LuxTrust Mobile application, you need to activate it. For this you need to be a LuxTrust subscriber.

I am already LuxTrust user

You already have a LuxTrust Token or LuxTrust Scan? Then you have to:

1. Login to MyLuxTrust on the LuxTrust Webpage (

2. Add the LuxTrust Mobile app to your LuxTrust account

What does that mean? You can logon to your e-banking or any other application supporting LuxTrust, either with your physical device (Token or LuxTrust Scan), or with your smartphone/tablet (LuxTrust Mobile) by using the same User ID and Password.

I am a new LuxTrust user

You do not have a LuxTrust Token or a LuxTrust Scan? Then you have to activate your certificate on: and follow the indications before you can use the LuxTrust Mobile App.

You really don't know? Leave it...

To activate and use the LuxTrust Mobile App the first time, you need to access our website with a second device e.g. desktop or tablet.

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